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Is Procalcitonin in Your Healthcare Facilities' Antibiotic Stewardship Arsenal? 
Urinary tract infections are diagnosed in female populations primarily in ambulatory care settings in the United States. Yet, published evidence documents that many of the antibiotics prescribed in these settings are unnecessary, erroneous, or, inappropriately prescribed. Improper management of uncomplicated urinary tract infections in nonpregnant women has resulted in higher morbidity rates due to antibiotic resistance. The purpose of this retrospective observational cohort study was to explore a current national database for associations between nonpregnant American female patients who were exposed to poverty and at risk for urinary tract infection antibiotic resistance in an ambulatory care setting. Krieger’s ecosocial theory was utilized as the study’s theoretical foundation to complement current public health social change priorities. Data from the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey were analyzed to explore potential associations with urinary tract infections and antibiotic resistance.
Author: Wendy D. Wiesehuegel, 
             PhD, MS, BSN, RN, CIC 
Predictors of UTI Antibiotic Resistance for Female Medicaid Recipients in U.S. Ambulatory Care Settings 
In the short time that it takes to make my favorite meal, shrimp pad Thai (20 minutes), one equally rapid and reliable laboratory test, Procalcitonin (PCT), can quickly inform a licensed healthcare provider that their patient has a bacterial infection, not a viral infection, and halt a fatal outcome (BioMérieux, 2016; Food and Drug Administration, 2012; Lee, 2013; Pantelidou and Giamarellos-Bourboulis, 2015; Schuetz and Mueller, 2016). The untimely identification of antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections is the No. 1 cause of human deaths occurring from sepsis-related events and has increased three-fold over the last decade (World Sepsis, 2016). Antibiotic stewardship is a necessary fundamental in the battle against antibiotic-resistant infections and should be a priority for all healthcare facility types; antibiotic stewardship is not confined to hospitals (O’Brien and Gould, 2013). 

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